DuPont™ Tyvek® Soft Structure


Tyvek® Soft Structure, both soft and tear resistant

Tyvek® Soft Structure is a lightly bonded product with an embossed pattern, providing a softer, flexible substrate with the "hand", or feel, of fabric.

Yet because it's Tyvek®, it's exceedingly durable, water resistant, breathable and virtually impossible to rip or tear.

It is a high opacity material with excellent whiteness and good surface stability that can be glued, sewn, and, to a limited extent, ultrasonically seamed and heat-sealed in fabrication. It can also be printed, although it is more demanding than hard structures.

Tyvek® Soft Structure is ideal for promotional jackets, covers, theatre costumes and theatre sets, children's play tents, tablecloths, windscreen shades, apparel and museum and artwork packaging… You name it - you can make it with Tyvek® Soft Structure.

Tyvek® Soft Structure Properties



Tyvek for Graphics Swatchbook

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DuPont™ Tyvek® gives anything you print a more distinctive look than paper ever could. It feels more natural than synthetic films, and has far better flat, precision folding qualities. It can even easily function as a fabric. Also, DuPont™ Tyvek® is strong and tear resistant, yet weighs only half as much as paper.

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Beautiful Works of Art Made with Tyvek®

Art Made with Tyvek®

From printmakers, abstract artists and sculptors to clothing and jewelry designers, creative people around the world are discovering how using Tyvek® for art can help them achieve their creative visions.

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